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Pennsylvania Autism Services, LLC offers the following services. 


ABA Services

ABA Services involve the review of a child, youth and young adult’s behavior within the individual environment.  ABA services explore the function of behavior that occurs and then uses specific interventions based on that function of the behavior. ABA Services include Behavior Analytic services, Behavior Consultation-ABA services, Assistant Behavior Consultation-ABA and Behavior Health Technician-ABA services.  ABA Services typically work with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  


Individual Services

Individual services are therapeutic interventions and supports that are used to decrease and manage a child, youth and young adults needs that are identified in an individual treatment plan.  These services will help to increase coping strategies; develop skills that are needed for the promotion of positive behaviors.  Individual services include Behavior Consultation, Mobile Therapy and Behavior Health Technician services.


Trauma- Focused  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Trauma- Focused  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT)is an evidenced  based treatment for children and adolescents impacted by trauma and their parents or caregivers. It is a component-based treatment model that incorporates trauma sensitive interventions with cognitive  behavioral. Family, and humanistic principles and techniques. TF-CBT therapists helps children and adolescents address  distorted feelings  or upsetting experiences and learn coping strategies to help them manage stressful events in their lives.

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